DANN LTD began in 2010. But we believe that it was born well ahead of the official establishment of the company, and long before a group of freelancers gathered together to create and deliver their first collaborative project. We believe that our team begins on the time when cave people decided to transform surrounding objects into tools. This is what we do! We convert ideas into real things, use information technologies to build working programs that make a difference and solve problems. Our philosophy and approach to the development distinguish us from other development companies. As the pioneers and groundbreakers in the digital environment, we utilise the cutting-edge technologies transforming lines of code into empowering functionality. We build apps that perform as business tools increasing productivity and efficiency. Whether you need a digital platform, data-based solution, mobile application or any other IT product, we will help you to innovate into your business enriching experience.

Our Team

Among our team members, you can find the most curious project managers, skilled programmers and talented interface designers who together composes a dream team. Our project manager won’t miss a thing concerning your application never stopping learning about your business goals and challenges, acquiring industry insight and the understanding of your needs. These people translate your needs to experienced developers and designers who embody your app ideas. They craft applications with the top-notch development tools ensuring the highest quality. Our team members continuously improve their skills learning emerging technologies and the latest IT trends. Such approach to the development enables us to deliver next generation applications that transform the way people do business and communicate with each other.