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Responsive and Adaptive: What's the Difference?

The central idea of ​​adaptive and adaptive design is very similar, and generally both types are combined to develop a mobile-friendly website. This means that when users find your resource on their device, they visit the same page as the desktop version. In both cases, the URL remains the same, so no additional encoding is required to develop a separate Internet page during development, but the existing workspace changes to a different monitor. Take a look at some interactive examples of these mobile friendly pages. However, these two solutions vary in principle from operation.

Mobile websites with adaptive design maintain the same content and images as the desktop version. But it uses different rules based on browser reglament. As a result, it reduces some space when browsing through a smartphone and becomes more compact a. In other words, it's a mini-version, which has the same content.


Adaptive design to provide a more creative layout. Developing adaptive design requires more effort from web developers and their customers. Finally, you'll see a website slightly different from the desktop. Unlike responsive, adaptive design has different HTML code bases. Our website developer will work with you to determine what to edit to make the page more attractive on portable devices. Our experience and experience allow us to provide useful advice. We know how to benefit from adaptive design. For example, our developers can replace some of the images with smaller and faster upload icons during development, reduce some text that is not important to users, and rearrange the layout so it looks clean and tidy on your device.

Separate mobile version

Develop a mobile version and you'll almost develop a separate website designed specifically for your customers to access your website from your device. It is usually hosted in a subdomain or subfolder. Smooth redirection and the choice of HTML services is based on user agents. In the case of a separate set of pages, resource owners get a completely different set of options from the least change in content and layout to a completely different structure.

We know that in today's mobile world, having a desktop website is not enough to use half the Internet content on portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. By focusing on mobile friendliness, you ensure a worthwhile investment, which can be a way of thinking to keep your competitors behind.

Our website development agency can offer you many ways to make your page mobile friendly.

  • Responsive design
  • Adaptive design
  • Separate mobile and web versions of your site or application.

How to make a mobile site

When visitors search your website, they want to see similar desktop versions, or they can not be sure that they've found the right one. Keeping the same content while developing the mobile version, colors and themes can help you ensure the location of your client. However, the structure itself should fit on the smaller screen.

Do you need to develop a mobile version?

Although mobile friendliness has become crucial, you should think twice before develop a mobile friendly website separate version. If you already have a site, you should check who you most often visitors are. With Google Analytics,it’s easy to see how many people visit the page from desktops and mobile devices and think about it when you start a new project. If you do not already have a site, check your competitors on Similarweb to see if you need to develop a mobile version or if the responsive design is appropriate.

Develop a mobile site

If you already know that people visit your website primarily from tablets and smartphones, start by identifying which elements of the desktop version they use most often and make sure to keep them in the mobile version. You can use Google Analytics to understand what your visitors have overlooked, what they find important, their typical path, and when they visited your site. As part of the development, you should consider using this data to choose the elements you want to implement. For example, if your desktop website is running signups and you have some extra monetization ads, but you know the ads will scare your visitors, you can remove them from this version. Using speed tests to identify which elements load very slowly and choosing whether to remove them in the mobile version can be useful because they are less important and can be minimized or overwritten to speed up page load time.

The basic problems of mobile design

When you come to our development company, our website developers consider all aspects of the friendliness. Whether it's a mobile version, a responsive or adaptive design is best for you, our team works closely with you to make the product as good or better than your desktop, paying special attention to your Performance and appearance of devices.


Screens on portable devices are smaller than PCs and laptops, and they do not allow you to see large navigation menus with the main content. At our web development company, we minimize browsing options and provide a concise, easy-to-use and concise navigation menu.

Dimensional change

When our website development company develops something for you, we think that all display sizes range from 320px to 1280px. If your budget allows, our website development organization will make sure that your page looks good on any device. If you want to cut something, our team can help you figure out which screen sizes are the most popular among your visitors and make it a priority. Our web developers can also set the width of all elements in CSS to 100% so that the image expands or shrinks automatically depending on the screen size without causing any damage to the text.

Optimized touch

Our web development company makes your website completely based on touch, no matter what size your screen has.

Our developers remember that their fingers can not swing left or right or swing left and right because they have no indication of what is beating and are not as accurate as the mouse. When we develop a web product, we always provide enough space for each link.

Professional developers also ensure that the website responds when users touch the screen. If your visitors have a bad internet connection and can take some time to load the next page, this can be important. We let them know that your phone has recorded its commands and is carrying the page backing up or highlighting the button. This approach improves the user experience.

In our development facility, we will click on the space form button to see if the user can click the activation link.

And our developers can help you benefit from some specific features for handheld devices, such as clicking on your phone number on the page or turning your address into a navigation link.

Run the test on all browsers

To ensure that your website works well on all devices and browsers, our QA team has tested not only on desktop browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but also on tablets and phone browsers, including the standard Browser Android, Opera, Chrome beta, Dolphin, etc. They test the website in all browsers and different screen resolutions to achieve the desired result.

Why is responsive and adaptive design good for SEO?

When you use these types of development or combination of internet compatible devices, not only reduces maintenance and content creation, but also improves the optimization of the search engine.

Low bounce rate

Google shows the results the visitor wants to see. If you offer something that differs from the desktop version, your visitors may feel frustrated. If the content is completely unsuitable for devices, visitors are more likely to return to Google to find something more easy-to-read. A page that is not optimized has a lower ranking than responsive/adaptive sites. Responsive / responsive sites provide visitors with the content they want to read.

Duplicate content

When you develop a new version that has no content changes, you end up with multiple pages with the same content. This practice is known as duplication of content that appears in different places (URLs) on the Internet. This duplication of content confuses the search engine and eventually filters the page. Duplicate content can cause site crawling problems and affect the entire site, leaving your pages out of position. That's why responsive design has clear advantages over sites that only last for content.

Search rankings

Google said it ranks mobile sites in the top-ranked rankings. If you have a responsive design or a mobile version, it rates them equally, which means that a cheaper and more responsive design ensures that you're in the same position as a mobile site in Google's search results.

Link building

Adaptive / Responsive Sites have the same URL as your desktop one, which means that a link will take visitors to your site to the correct version of your site. Mobile sites have recently appeared, and the number of backlinks is still small compared to desktop. Your responsive and developed website automatically inherits backlinks from your original website, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors while competing for visitors.

Which is the most suitable for you

There is still a better debate on how to make your site mobile-friendly. Whether you want responsive design, a combination of adaptability or creating a new version, you should consider your budget and business goals: if you need to make major changes to content and structure, to ensure a better user experience, or are you just trying to make your site cleaner and more adaptable to any screen? While Google supports different types of mobile-friendly sites, you should keep in mind that each URL requires additional maintenance and upgrade / update services that can cause long-term technical problems. Adaptive design is easier to maintain and recommended by Google.

Let's discuss how to develop a mobile friendly website!

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