A web portal was developed for Australian auto dealership network with the aim to ensure seamless site and catalogue navigation and increase sales with the help of user-friendly design. We developed and integrated effective search engine that simplifies the search with numerous filters including vehicle type, brand, model, and others. The portal also enables users to book a particular serves in the chosen dealership including a test drive.
Real Estate

Flat Hunter

The application consists of two parts web search system and mobile client. Working like a well-oiled mechanism, the program helps users to discover available offers adjusted to their requirements. Google Maps API integration provides familiar user experience ensuring intuitive navigation. Our developers created an independent solution for marking on the maps which lack in the Google Maps API tools. The program indicates all offers on the map according to users’ criteria.


The project presents a social-networking reviews database. It encourages users to rate and review a vast range of products starting with TV shows and movies and up to books and gadgets. The main peculiarity of the program is the implementation of social dynamic which ensures that users will be able to get a review from their friends who they can trust and not just random people. Unlike other rating applications, this one provides both reviewing and social features.

Public Transport

Working with the representatives of authorities, we have developed a mobile application that replaces the practice of purchasing of the paper tickets on public transport. Users can load value on their app, and as they enter the public transport, the e-ticketing system will automatically calculate the ticket price according to the destination when user leave the transport. The application uses near field communication technologies to scan encrypted content stored on the card.


One of our projects implies the creation of the prototype of a bot which main aim was to increase the amount of time users spend in the client’s app and their engagement. Besides, the application can collect data about users and provide them with personal recommendations and determine the selling point. Furthermore, it reduces the costs handling users inquiries and linking them with the nearest stores or the service representative within the same chat and hence improving the user experience.

Issue Reporter

Our client asked us to build a mobile application that would streamline the issue reporting practices directing them quickly to the appropriate service provider or council. We enabled users to take photos and attach them to their reports, save drafts of the reports and send it later, view the history of past reports, access the service providers information in their local areas, and connect with them. To simplify the process, we categorised the incidents types and assigned them to a suitable service provider.