Smartphone App Development: Professional Advice from IT Pros

As an expert in the digital industry who provided hundreds of smartphones and desktop solutions, we want to share with you some basics that you should know before starting your own smartphone app development project. It all starts with a simple idea. But to realize this idea, you need to go through many challenges.

Smartphone App Development Process

As we have already said, every development process begins with a good idea. However, once this time passes, there will be hard work and decision making. You should be prepared to create an intuitive and engaging digital solution that is a real challenge to the overall smartphone user experience. To stand out, your program should work with resource-rich, efficient, high-quality apps on the market, but at the same time provide something unique.

Is the development of apps simple?

The software development process involves many phases, from software planning to screen design and user interface optimization. Do all the steps, and you should aspire to simplicity by cutting out irrelevant features and content. It takes a few weeks to design a simple icon, but if you do a good job, your efforts and your investment will be rewarded. So if you still want to get into the incredible world of software development then you need to know something.

Do you need to know how to code?

So you need at least one person on your team to know what Internet technology is. Software programming is a complex process that requires skills and knowledge from a large number of different programming languages, structures, design tools, and other technologies. Of course you can learn the basics of coding, but it takes time. The smartphone application is a combination of many details, and you need to make sure that every detail works well and connects to another. Graphics are also an important aspect, so having an experienced designer on your team is a must, as is creating a different sound in the melody to avoid the game you want to develop. Keep in mind that you should not only have knowledge of the technology but also have to be creative. If you want your product to stand out, the two qualities are crucial.

Which platform to develop first?

The first question that can arise when designing mobile software is the mobile platform of choice. As an experienced professional developer, we recommend that you start with iOS because this smartphone operating system is more stable and secure and only supports iPhone and iPad devices, as opposed to hundreds of smartphone working on Android. Build your iOS app and you can test everything that works well using a device, so when you're finished polishing your iOS app, you can transfer it to Android.

Why iOS is good for beginners

Our experts consider iOS a good choice for amateur developers. It has a very simple interface that will not be difficult for a new designer to understand. As iOS can only run two Apple devices - iPhone and iPad - is another advantage of the operating system. Apple provides developers with an intuitive, integrated environment that lets you combine the elements you need for a good user experience. The availability of iOS application development tools is the primary reason why almost all apps are first released on iOS before they are released on Android and on other platforms.

What Function Should Mobile Solutions Have?

It depends on the type of software you want to create: user logins, push notifications, games, e-commerce tools, payment system integration, social networking features, productivity tools, and more. Now most apps are with social networking channels, which allows users to share posts and send them to friends, so be sure to include this feature in your software requirements specification.

What is the most difficult part of development?

We've created this problem with the developers, and that's what they're saying: a lot of the errors that start creating developers are not enough emphasis on UI design. Not long ago, in our development company, we redesigned all the apps for Android and iOS and realized that the number of users and the time spent in the application began to grow. So for customers to use your app, make sure it's attractive, beautiful, and useful.

Keep up with Trends

And you must have a lot of work to do after you're ready to finish coding and development. Now is the time to analyze what your customers like and what makes them go away, using analytics to improve application functionality to keep up with the latest trends and fix bugs and glitches that may pop up unexpectedly. We recommend that you regularly visit the software store to see the look of the most popular apps and competitive performance. Do your best to peak. Trends have changed, for example, when iOS was first released, naturalistic graphics showed a trend. Now, minimalism is all about anger. So be prepared to keep up with these changes.

Smartphone application testing

Application testing is another stage of development that you should not ignore. Before releasing your application and testing it in the field, you must perform rigorous testing using the emulator, which allows you to test your application on different smartphone devices without physical access. Here are some of the most popular simulators for different mobile operating systems that can be used to test your application:

  • Android SDK Simulator - An official simulator that reflects all the software and hardware features of smartphones running Android (except for phone calls).
  • Google Android Simulator - You can install this simulator as a simple desktop application without having to download the full Android SDK, which may require a lot of time and memory space. This simulator is for Android apps.
  • MobiOne - An integrated web development environment for smartphones that allows you to program, repair, test, deploy and install mobile web apps on devices that work on different platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and more.
  • iPhone - A web-browsing simulator powered by Safari. If you develop a website and want to test how it looks and feels on the iPhone, then it is best. This is not an iPhone simulator, but it is still an efficient tool for web development experts who want to test smartphone sites. It supports the latest generation of iOS.
  • TestiPhone - Another web browser simulator for iPhone Web apps. These tools are for IE, Firefox and Safari.
  • BlackBerry Simulator - In fact, if you want to test how your product works with BlackBerry software, monitors and keyboards, there are many official BlackBerry simulators to choose from.
  • Windows UI Automation - If you want to test apps that use Microsoft UI Automation technology, make sure that Windows Automation API 3.0 is installed on your computer. It is preinstalled on Windows 7 and later systems. If your system is not Windows, you can download it from the official Microsoft website.

Something the app user does not like

This is the last resort when planning your application. There's no doubt that APS makes life easier by allowing us to create shopping lists on the move, add events to our calendars, watch movies on commute or chat with friends. But there are still many things about the application that bothers us and sometimes allows us to uninstall a specific app. Our experts presented a list of the most popular user complaints about smartphone apps.

  • Many email messages have been sent
  • Intrusion push notification
  • When the software is not updated and the error is not corrected
  • Request for frequent request evaluation
  • When there is no real need for an app's functionality, it must be connected to Facebook
  • Full Screen Ads
  • Non-optimized content, especially text
  • Often requests to follow the software owner's account on social media

Specialized app development team

For years, our mobile software development company has been building enterprise mobility solutions for different industries such as entertainment, retail, transportation and more. We deeply understand what good corporate software programs and consumer apps are, and we can translate our experience into your project. Our passionate and experienced developers deliver friendly, efficient and secure mobile software development to fit your needs, add value to your business and provide your customers with a seamless user experience.

Rely on professional smartphone developers

Over the years, our digital organization has provided hundreds of successful projects for internationally renowned brands and startups worldwide and in different industries. We are not afraid of challenges and we can even solve the most complex tasks. Our mobile specialists always spend time researching your business to ensure the product meets its objectives perfectly and that all aspects of the process are polished to perfection. Our team of passionate and specialized professionals insists on pursuing our goal, which is efficiency, usability and excellent design for your successful work.